About Fitt.Zone

526 7th Street, Santa Rosa, California


Fitt Zone is a group fitness training facility that delivers amazing results through workouts that include HIIT training, resistance (body weight, dumbbells, suspension) training, and core conditioning. The workouts are designed to give you maximum results in a short period of time (30-40 minutes) to fit in with your busy schedule!

The workouts are based on the 4 principles of fitness:





Every workout will combine those 4 principles to deliver the results you’re looking for, guaranteed!

A unique concept of Fitt Zone is the 30/10 split. Our main workout is a 30 min workout that combines resistance training and HIIT training to burn fat and tone muscle. Once that’s finished there’s a 2 min break where you can leave having completed an amazing workout that will help you towards your fitness goals.

After the 2 minute break we will have a 10 minute Metabolic Boost workout that will kick your fat burning into overdrive! This will usually be a high intensity compliment to the days workout that will be sure to boost your metabolism and continue your calorie burn throughout the day!

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